Money TalksĀ 

Money talks.


Money screams. 

It taunts and throws tantrums and and threatens just to get its way. Money belittles you for being human. It tries to silence and dismiss you for not agreeing with it. 

Money boasts. 

It boasts about how being close with it will make you a superior being. It tricks you into believing that you can embrace its godly power to stomp and crush anyone who stands in your way. It screams to anyone who will listen.

“I am important!”

“I am a untouchable!”

“Listen to me!”

It cries out in its loud,  about how important it is, making you think it takes precedence over everything. Making you temporarily forget community. 



Money doesn’t talk. 

Money whispers. 

Money sneaks around behind closed doors and schemes with its sticky words. It attempts to distract your attention, like some small child, in the hopes that you won’t truly listen to what it is saying.  

Money makes you believe that it is acting selflessly in your best interest. 

But when you finally realize who money really is, you open your mouth and realize that you were so busy listening to Money’s words, that you forgot how to speak.